Rescue Mission Of Mahoning Valley

Things you can donate


1.  Fresh or frozen food including meat, vegetables and dairy products
These are all things that the Rescue Mission purchases on a weekly basis. Everything that we receive in donation is just less money needed for our weekly food bill.

2.  Non-Perishable Food
Non-perishable food items are great for their ability to be stored until needed.  The Mission especially benefits from bulk quantities and larger (#10) size cans of fruits and vegetables.

3.  Clothes
Need to clean out your closets?  Donate clothes that are still in good condition to the Rescue Mission Coat DriveMission.
New socks and undergarments usually greatly needed too.

4.  Furniture
We can use donated beds and furniture. The Mission gives  them to men and women who are moving off the street and into permanent housing.

5. A Car or truck
Donate your old car, receive tax deduction benefits and enjoy knowing that you're helping people in need at the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley. 

6.  Your Birthday or Special Occasion
In lieu of gifts, ask friends and family to give to the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley.

7.  Your Partnership
If you work for a business or organization, there's a multitude of ways you can support the Mission.  Set aside space for a the Mission to display materials.  Donate room in your print publications as free ad space.  Offer a matching challenge to your employees who will donate money to a non-profit.  Allow employees a few hours to volunteer while on the job.  Be a sponsor of a Mission fund raising event.

8. Financial Support. The most obvious...Money.
Give financially during the holidays. Leave a legacy gift such as an annuity. Become a monthly donor to provide support all-year long.

9.  Your Time
Teach skills, tutor, answer phones, serve meals, clean, sort donated goods and more. We need you. Download a volunteer application today.

10. Your Influence
If you believe in the work of the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley, spread the word to your friends.  Share a link on Facebook, Twitter or a blog.  Talk about why you volunteer or donate.  Rally friends and family to volunteer or participate in an event.