Volunteer to Serve a Rescue Mission Meal

The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley in Youngstown could not operate without our wonderful volunteers!

Did you know that the hours that volunteers serve each week at the Mission is equal to having 17 full-time extra staff members?

A great way to become exposed to the ministry of Rescue is to serve a meal. You can spend a small amount of time and see first-hand how the Rescue Mission in Youngstown changes lives and helps the needy.

If you find that the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley is a good match for your volunteer talents and time, we can schedule a tour and share some of the many places within the Mission that you could be a blessing.

Get started today…

Call 330-744-5485 to be placed on our volunteer serving schedule.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities at the Mission

Our volunteers also teach skills, tutor, answer phones, clean and more at our Emergency Shelter. We need you. To learn how you can help, download a volunteer application today.

You may print this form out, complete it and return it by mail. You may also fill it out electronically and send it via email. Before doing so, please save a copy of the form and rename it with your name in the title (e.g. “Mary Smith RM Volunteer Application”).

—> Download ourIndividual Mission Volunteer Application

—> Download our Group Volunteer Application

How should I dress to volunteer at the Mission?

Volunteer Your Influence

If you believe in ministry to homeless people at the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley, spread the word to your friends. Share a link on Facebook, Twitter or a blog. Talk about why you volunteer at the shelter or donate to the food ministry. Rally friends and family to volunteer or participate in an event.

Why do you volunteer? A few thoughts from our current volunteers

From a local medical professional who serves breakfast once a week at the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley:

“As an Orthodox Christian, Matthew Chapter 25 compels me to serve my brothers and sisters who are in need. The Rescue Mission gives me the opportunity to fulfill that obligation. It has been a fulfilling experience. The Mission was warm in welcoming me as a volunteer. It had a structured system in which I easily fit my time. The residents with whom I worked became friends, changing my preconceived notions of the Mission, and helping me see the icon of Christ is my less fortunate neighbors. I believe that I have personally grown from the experience and encourage others to take the opportunities the Mission provides to grow in their Faith.”

From a retired office manager who helps in the Mission’s Development Department several times each week:

“Having lost my husband in 2008, it left me with time that could be better spent helping others. I started looking for a way to do that. I called the Rescue Mission and learned how I could make a contribution and will soon start my third year. While working at the Mission, I observed its well-structured program to meet the emotional, educational and spiritual needs of those in the community who need a second chance. The entire staff at the Mission is dedicated to that end. The Mission is truly an asset to the Mahoning Valley Community.”

From a retail business owner who distributes food baskets weekly:

“I had lived in the Philadelphia area my entire life but after getting married, my wife was pretty homesick for Ohio. My business took a hit, due to the economy, and my wife and I thought that the Lord was calling us to move to Ohio. After settling into our new surroundings, we felt very blessed, but I was feeling that the Lord wanted a little more from me, and was nudging, sometimes pushing me to share my faith and salvation through Jesus Christ. He opened up a door for me to check out the Rescue Mission. I was asked if I could help with the food basket ministry. I wasn’t sure about what to expect, but when it was explained to me that my ‘job’ was to call people to set up an appointment and then bring them in to receive a free food basket, I knew this was all the Lord!

“I have such awesome stories to share over my two short years of volunteering at the Mission, but one that stands out for me is….

“One day, I felt a little down and beat up with some health issues. As I was giving away the food baskets, I gave a brief testimonial of my past and how I was chasing the fast life with past drug addictions, alcoholism, womanizing, etc. I explained that although I’ve been blessed with a good family that has forgiven me for my destructive behavior that caused numerous rehabs, marriages and legal problems — they could not forgive me for ‘abandoning’ my Judaism by walking with Jesus Christ! As I was talking I noticed a middle aged guy had the look of despair. Then I said ‘I’m just asking this question for you to ponder yourself. Do you know where you will be in 100 years? Yes, I know we will all be dead, what I mean is, will you be in heaven with Jesus?’ I glanced over to the man and he was now sobbing. As I was loading the food baskets for the other people, a lady said to me  ‘I can sure tell where you are going, your eyes are filled with the light of Jesus!’ That brought tears to my eyes and after hugging her, I went over to the man, prayed with him and gave him a Bible. He shared that he didn’t think that Jesus could forgive him for all of the stuff he had done. We prayed some more and I explained about Jesus dying for ALL of our sins. What a day, I went to the Mission feeling a little sorry for myself, and look who the Lord put in my path! Wow! I feel so blessed to be able to be a small part, as a volunteer, with the Rescue Mission!”


“You can’t really be in solidarity with the poor, unless you really ‘see the poor’ and ‘know the poor.’ At the end of our lives, we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, or how many great things we have done. We will be judged by: I was hungry and you gave me food to eat; I was naked and you clothed me; I was homeless and you took me in. Hungry not only for bread— but hungry for love. Naked not only for clothing — but naked of human dignity and respect. Homeless not only for want of a room of bricks — but homeless because of rejection. This is Christ in distressing disguise.”  – Mother Teresa


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