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  • Client expectations are formidable, it is a serious academic program and not all make it.
  • Those more motivated toward trade education are introduced to the Valley’s valued trade skill organizations for allied training.
  • Clients are accountable to Mission staff and themselves for a disciplined job search effort.
  • All will qualify them for participation in an improving economy, community vitality, and responsive to workforce demands.
  • Today we have a job referral relationships with Valley employers in Youngstown and beyond who will give Mission clients a chance to prove themselves.
  • The Rescue Mission focuses on job readiness by assisting clients to seek opportunities and preparing them for job searching with skills, resumes and even practice interviews.
  • Pray
  • Gifts of personal hygiene items, WRTA Bus Tickets, Over the Counter medications
  • Gifts in Cash (Mail to P.O. Box 430 Yo. Ohio 44501)
  • Gifts Online
  • Gifts of Securities
  • Planned and Estate gifts
  • Join the Mission’s Better Tomorrow Team by giving $10 per month using our simple and secure online giving tool.

The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley is Bible-based.

This tenet enables the Mission to be focused and flexible in responding to changing community needs in the Youngstown area and beyond.

The Rescue Mission provides all of its services free-of-charge to the homeless and working poor in the community.

The Rescue Mission is supported through the generosity of individuals, families, foundations, businesses and institutions who recognize the value of the work done.

Pie chart on where public support came from in fiscal 2012

51.0%: Gifts In-Kind
45.0%:  Individual, Businesses and Churches
1.7%: Memorials and Bequests
1.4%: Grants
0.8%: Fundraising Events
0.7%: Foundations

Did you know? The Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley chooses to accept NO GOVERNMENT funding and DOES NOT RECEIVE UNITED WAY FUNDS.

If you’re ready to make a donation to the mission, please click here. It’s secure, quick, and easy — and allows funds to be rushed to current ministry needs much more quickly.

Donations to the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley are vital to the ministry of rescue.

The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley is an excellent steward of gifts from the community. Thank you for giving.

Pie chart on where public support went in fiscal 2012

79%: Program Services
13%: Fundraising
8%:  Administration

  • 68% increase in average overnight population since 2008
  • Shift toward women & children as a percent of overnight stays
  • No change in Men
  • 4% increase in Women & Children
  • Shift toward younger clients as a percentage of overnight stays
  • 4% increase ages 0-17
  • 89% increase ages 18-35
  • 2% decrease ages 36-45
  • 8% decrease ages 46 and up
  • Multiple tracks of educational opportunities
  • General Educational Development (GED)
  • Academy Overview
  • Academy Internships
  • Trades
  • Job Tracking
  • You know the Mission’s important everyday work. Today we are serving more clients than ever before in Youngstown, Ohio:
  • 68% Increase in overnight population in the emergency shelter – average 63 in 2008, 106 in 2013, 122 in 2014
  • 75% Increase in children stays in the emergency shelter – average 7 in 2008, 13 in 2013, 17 in 2014
  • 89% Increase in younger adults (age 18 to 35) – average 16 in 2008, 31 in 2013
  • New direction by way of additional partnerships in education and employment.

Infrastructure to accommodate increased population and expanded program activities. The Mission’s Emergency Shelter was constructed in 1930 and was originally a YMCA.

John Muckridge III is the current President/CEO of the Mission.

  • Today we have internship relationships with Youngstown State University, Kent State University, Pennsylvania State University, Case Western Reserve University, and several online universities / colleges; 9 social work and 2 education in 2013 – 2014
  • Online partnership with San Diego Christian College offering an Associate of Arts degree for our clients and staff, validating the entire Rescue Mission educational experience in Youngstown, Ohio.

The Mission’s measured, holistic approach to adult education enables us to:

  • Move people into a collaborative mindset
  • Establish sound work habits
  • Enhance earning potential
  • Equip men and women to enter the workforce

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